About HelpLink

We are here to promote NGO’S , Social societies, Foundations , Hospitals, Schools and all such organizations who are working generously, enthusiastically for the welfare of the society.

Who is it for?

Anyone whether it is a hospital, an NGO, a school, Healthcare, an individual who wants to help the society in any manner can register with us and we will help people to know about you and your work.




Iam proud to be a part of helplink.in.   For me bringing smile on someone face gives the deepest  that cannot be verbalized.  When it comes to giving , there is lots we can do in this world. But there is nothing more pure and precious than investing in a laugh!!!

Chandan katoch

Ankur Sharma

Web Developer

A Professional Teacher and founder of Softra Technologies a web development company  who also wants to do something for the society and nation by connecting people.

 Ankur Sharma